Version 0.4.5 Released

Hello, just launched an exciting new version of Power The Grid.

No need to enumerate the small changes that happened, the big one is:

Solar and Wind forecasts!

After many requests now you have access to the forecast graphs of the sun and wind resources, this way you can anticipate fluctuations in the production and make adjustments before shit goes down ;)

Have fun and merry Christmas!

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Dec 23, 2017
PowerTheGrid_Windows.rar 27 MB
Dec 23, 2017
PowerTheGrid_Linux.rar 40 MB
Dec 23, 2017 28 MB
Dec 23, 2017

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Wow. I found it really difficult to win the game with the forecasts already in place. I can't imagine anyone winning through anything but luck otherwise.
Interesting to see where this game is going.