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Game Update v7.0.0
Hello everyone, It wasn't an easy job but the new version of Power The Grid is live! There is a new interface, smoke animations, maintenance costs, background...
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New Levels!
UPDATE! - New level 1 and 2 available to everyone on the game page - Level 3 available at or the page for $2. HAV...
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Version v0.6.0.2
Hello guys, I just made an update, I realized the game was too difficult, I think you'll enjoy more now :)
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Version v0.6.0.0
Hello everyone, After a long time I was able to release a new Web build for Power The Grid. The are several updates including: - New tutorial scheme - New con...
v0.5.5 Released
Hello, I just released a new build where seasons are introduced. Each season has a different electric consumption pattern and renewable production variability...
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Version 0.5.3 Released - New Game Mode
Hello everyone, I just uploaded the HTML5 build of Power The Grid, it brings a new way to play where you are challenged to connect all buildings to the grid as...
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Version 0.4.6 Released
Check out the new version of Power The Grid! What's new? -Updated Coal Powerplant turbines -Hydrogen Technology -Water Pump Technology (level2 only) - Various...
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Version 0.4.5 Released
Hello, just launched an exciting new version of Power The Grid. No need to enumerate the small changes that happened, the big one is: Solar and Wind forecasts!...
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