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v0.5.5 Released
Hello, I just released a new build where seasons are introduced. Each season has a different electric consumption pattern and renewable production variability...
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Version 0.5.3 Released - New Game Mode
Hello everyone, I just uploaded the HTML5 build of Power The Grid, it brings a new way to play where you are challenged to connect all buildings to the grid as...
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Version 0.4.6 Released
Check out the new version of Power The Grid! What's new? -Updated Coal Powerplant turbines -Hydrogen Technology -Water Pump Technology (level2 only) - Various...
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Version 0.4.5 Released
Hello, just launched an exciting new version of Power The Grid. No need to enumerate the small changes that happened, the big one is: Solar and Wind forecasts!...
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Windows, Mac and Linux builds released!
The builds for Windows, Mac and Linux for the version 0.4.4 (level 1) were released. Have fun!
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Version 0.4.4 Released
Hello, just released a new version with the following updates: - Added Icons for Energy Production and Energy Load - Changed Energy Production Bar to show the d...
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Game update 0.4.2(because I say so)!
Hello everyone, Just made some updates as follows: - Pause Button - New message when level ends - Chance to replay the level when the level ends - The populari...
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Bug corrections
Some bugs were corrected and now you don't have to repeat the tutorial on replay. Tell me what you think about the new challenge. Is it too difficult or too eas...
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