Bug corrections

Some bugs were corrected and now you don't have to repeat the tutorial on replay.

Tell me what you think about the new challenge.

Is it too difficult or too easy?


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Nov 17, 2017

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The difficulty bar has moved up significantly for a first exposure to the game. The only winning strategy I could find was to buy nothing on the first day besides coal, then purchasing one bio fuel plant. Next purchase being one water and then mix of the two renewables. 

I want this to succeed but please consider methods to reduce the overall difficulty of this level.  This may be the only contact some have with the game, and it is rather hard.

Thanks so much for your feedback, I could not test it with first comers yet, I will launch an update right away where you receive more money to make it easier.

I was afraid that if it was too easy there would not be much replays. What you said make total sense.

Thanks for your support ;)